Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

YouBiz is committed to protect your privacy as users of our products and services provided under the YouBiz name and mark (collectively referred as YouBiz for the remainder of this Privacy Policy). This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you of the privacy practice that YouBiz uses to safeguard your personal information. We encourage you to read the following information and to acknowledge that YouBiz is a safe and secure environment for all Internet users.

Data collection and procession

1. How we collect information.

YouBiz gathers personal and technical information automatically when you register and/or use our products and services. We may collect information on frequency of visits, IP addresses, operating systems, browser software, and geographical locations of all users.

2. How we use the information.

To enhance the experience of users while using YouBiz, YouBiz may use information, provided in aggregate forms, to perform statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of users.


YouBiz uses a technology called cookies for aggregate date collection. A cookie is a file transferred from a website to the hard drive of your computer to allow the website to keep track of your activities while on the site. Cookies do not, however, allow the website to learn any personally identifying information about you, including your real name, physical address, age, telephone number, etc., unless you set the preferences in your browser to provide those information.

3. How and when information is disclosed to third parties.

YouBiz may provide statistical rating information as well as demographics and interests of users to third parties for the purpose of improving our services and resources. You should note, however, that YouBiz does NOT share any of your personal information with third parties for commercial purposes, unless you are informed of that at the time of collecting the information and thereby consent to having such information disclosed. YouBiz does reserve the right, however, to release any information if the user is involved in or conducts an illegal activity, or if the user is in violation of YouBiz's guidelines or user's agreement even without a subpoena, warrant, or other court order. Also, YouBiz does not assume any responsibility or liability for the acts of third parties concerning the privacy of YouBiz users, though YouBiz does take steps to prevent disclosure of users' personal information.

4. How you can control the use of information.

When you initially register for YouBiz services, the registration form will request certain, limited personal information about you. During this process, you may elect whether to allow YouBiz to disclose this limited personal information to third parties who may want to provide promotional materials to you. If you select to allow your personal information to be disclosed to such third parties, YouBiz will release that personal information to such third parties, including your real name, email address, age, and other information you have provided in the YouBiz registration profile. You have total control over the release of information. You may at any time change your designation concerning receipt of promotional materials by changing your personal profile
to indicate your new choice.


YouBiz's utmost concern is for the safety and privacy of children users (YouBiz defines "children" as people under the age of 18 years.) YouBiz believes that parents and guardians should participate in their children's Internet experience. One way that YouBiz attempts to protect children's privacy is to request that they involve their parents or guardians in the registration process and in the processes of applying for a free personal home page, email services, and
other services provided on the Internet by YouBiz. In line with its policies concerning the protection of children, YouBiz does not disclose information collected from children to any third party for promotional purposes. YouBiz does not specifically collect information about children and believes that children should get their parents' or guardians' consent before giving out any personal information. YouBiz also recommends that parents or guardians use available filtering technology to supervise their children's access to the Internet. We also ask that children be especially cautious when participating in chat rooms and not give out any personal information at any time.

5. How you can correct the information.

As noted above, you can change your personal information provided on the initial profile registration form. This can be done at any time. When you terminate your YouBiz membership, or if YouBiz terminates your membership for violation of its policies or for any other reason set
forth in YouBiz's guidelines and user agreement, all your personal information will be removed from YouBiz's active database. YouBiz may, however, retain some residual information about you within its records. This residual information will not be used by YouBiz for commercial purposes,
though YouBiz reserves the right to contact former members from time to time.

6. How you can safeguard disclosure of your personal information on the internet.

Beware that, when communicating with others via the Internet, disclosing personal information runs the risk of unsolicited email from other parties outside YouBiz. Be careful to locate and read the privacy statement on any website where you are requested or elect to provide information about yourself. Inform your children that they should not give personal information to strangers on the Internet. In addition, children should be told not to fill out Internet forms or register at any domain without their parents' or guardians' prior knowledge and consent.

Privacy Policy Changes

YouBiz will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on this page or on the YouBiz website. Accordingly, you can always come to this page or that site to learn the information YouBiz gathers, how YouBiz may use that information, and whether YouBiz will disclose it to anyone.

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YouBiz constantly strives to enrich users' experiences with advanced technology and knowledgeable insights. We encourages users to be aware of the distribution of personal information through our website. For more information on our privacy practices, please contact us.

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