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* The process of review of directory submission is carried out manually, by our "Editorial Staff". Once you submit your listing, please expect 3-10 business days for your listing to be reviewed and published. Please read our guidelines for listing your local business.


What is a YouBiz Business Info Page?

It's a page dedicated to your business and serves as a citation for you local business on the Internet. The listing enables you to share your business information, including: Name, address, phone number, products, services, website address and much more. YouBiz local citation directory adds visibility to your business on a local and national level.

  • Submit your business citation details NAP (name, address, phone number).
  • Highlight your products and services, add images and media.
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  • Track and respond to reviews of your business.

What are citations?

Business "citations" are a fairly new way for local businesses to get their information out to the public and to do so in a big way. Citations can take a variety of forms ranging from online local directory listings to being mentioned on your local chamber of commerce website. These small "mentions" or "web references" may or may not link back to your website. In either case, they are very useful in helping local businesses rise up in search engine rankings as well as promoting businesses to the public.

Why are citations important to local SEO?

Online citations are extremely important to local business listings because they are an essential component that the major search engines use in their ranking algorithms. In other words, businesses that have a greater number of citations are often ranked higher than those businesses that have fewer online citations. Businesses that occupy less-competitive market niches, such as electrical or plumbing, even if they do not have a website, can benefit from citations. The search engine will use the business information contained in the citation to rank the business, and thusly be able to present the business to those searching for like services. Citations are also important in helping businesses validate who they are to the local community. Learn more about why business citations are important to local SEO.

Terms and conditions regarding inclusion

Our goal is to support local businesses and the communities they support so we have a few simple rules for listing a business on the website:

  • 1) The business must sell products or services directly to consumers
  • 2) The business must have a store, office or premises open to the public.
  • 3) No 'Website only' or 'Mobile only' businesses will be listed.
  • 4) Physical location of business required (NO P.O. BOX)
  • 5) Your business must be located in the USA

For faster verification of your business, please provide an email address from management company, official website, or label (not personal email account such as AOL, GMail, Yahoo!).

Need multiple submissions?
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Listing Upgrade Options

Our listing upgrades can help customise the appearance of your business listing and attract more buyers to your door and website. Once your listing is published, you can select any of these promotional extras through the Web Control Panel.

Website Link

Link to your business website.

Social Profile Links

YouBiz's users are great candidates for following you on social media because they're already interested in your business, so they might be curious to see what other content you offer. Providing links to your social profiles also allows your visitors to experience and learn more about your company on their own terms.

Online Coupons

Attract customers with online coupons. Using coupons can be a great way to get new customers to your door or website.

Featured Listing

Featured listings appear in a special box above the standard listings. Listings are also rotated randomly in our featured display areas.